Data Deposit Tool

What is a Data Deposit Tool?

The DIRISA Data Deposit Tool represents a robust and secure platform designed to facilitate the storage and seamless sharing of active research data among scholarly peers. Built upon MetalNX infrastructure, it boasts an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that ensures accessibility across various desktop environments. This tool empowers users to disseminate their research findings efficiently through simple link-sharing mechanisms.

Targeting the spectrum of ongoing research endeavors, the data deposit tool serves as a repository for dynamic datasets and preliminary research materials, including active research data and draft papers. Notably, the tool refrains from assigning persistent identifiers, acknowledging the fluid nature of the data it hosts. Each user benefits from a standard 100GB quota, with provisions for additional storage capacity available through a dedicated application process. Moreover, the tool prioritizes data security with redundancy measures in place to safeguard against potential loss.

Key features of the tool encompass


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