DIRISA services

The Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa makes the following tools and services available to the research community.

User Subscription

The DIRISA User Subscription is used to allow user’s to authenticate themselves before using DIRISA services. Authentication is currently granted through SAFIRE. However, in the future, more federated identities will be managed.

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SA Data Management Planning (DMP) Tool

This is the newly developed SA DMP Tool that is developed by DIRISA.

Data deposit tool

Research data is a critical part of the research process and while there are several cloud-based storage solutions to store data, DIRISA provides a reliable, persistent and easily accessible resource to safely share data. The development of a cloud-based data deposit tool is underway and will be available to subscribed users.

Digital Object Identifier

Data sets at DIRISA and trusted repositories are persistently and uniquely identifiable through a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Apply for a DOI to be allocated to your data set through one of several such existing systems.

What we do

As component of the National Integrated Cyber infrastructure System, DIRISA coordinates and promotes sound research data management practices and data intensive research.
We focus on “e-Research enablement”

The Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA) is one of the components of the National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure System (NICIS) established by the CSIR, on behalf of the DST.

The Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) and the South African National Research Network (SANReN) complements DIRISA through the provision of high performance computing services and high bandwidth connectivity.

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  • This ensures that enable sound data management and data driven research has a high impact on the South African economy

  • This is done through the development of policies, frameworks and guidelines for the entire research data lifecycle

  • This is done by promoting, coordinating and supporting training and research interventions that advance capabilities in data management and the data sciences

  • Encourage and promote contribution to data management aspects in South Africa. Encourage and promote participation in, and usage of DIRISA and NICIS generally

Latest News and Events

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Notice: Dear DIRISA User, kindly note that DIRISA's OpenStack and CEPH will be undergoing upgrade for a period of 1 week from today. As precautionary measure DIRISA users are advised to back-up their data to avoid any disruptions should the unforeseen occur