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SA Data Management Planning Tool

The South African Data Management Planning tool (SA_DMP) is a service developed by DIRISA to provide researchers with the ability to create data management plans that meet and conform to the requirements of universities and funders.

Deposit Data Tool

Research data is a critical part of the research process and while there are several cloud-based solutions to store data, DIRISA provides reliable, persistent and easily accessible resource to safely share data.

Data Share

The Data Share (DShare) platform offers researchers and the broader research community a seamless and intuitive interface for the reliable sharing and publication of research data.


Digital Object Identifier

Data sets at DIRISA and trusted repositories are persistently and uniquely identifiable through a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Apply for a DOI to be allocated to your data set through one of several such existing systems.


The Data Intensive Research Initiative of South Africa (DIRISA) promotes, enables, and coordinates a data intensive research ecosystem in support of national science and strategic priorities.

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