2024 Student Datathon Roadshows

2024 Roadshow Overview

During the months of March to May, a series of roadshows were organized across institutions of higher learning in South Africa, spearheaded by key members of DIRISA, including DIRISA SDC and DIRISA DATA services. These roadshows served as vital platforms for disseminating information, sharing insights, and fostering collaboration within the data science and research community. Through engaging presentations, and interactive sessions, participants had an interest to use our services gain valuable knowledge about the latest developments in data management, analysis, and sharing practices.

The roadshows also facilitated networking among researchers, data scientists, policymakers, and other stakeholders, fostering meaningful connections and partnerships. By reaching out to various regions throughout South Africa, the roadshows aimed to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of data-driven research and its impact on society and decision-making processes. Overall, these roadshows played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of DIRISA and empowering the South African research community to harness the power of data for societal benefit.

data science, data analysis and research to try and solve socio-economic problems that face South Africa.

Institutions visited:


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