Any student that is in undergraduate or postgraduate studies and is registered fulltime at a South AFrican universty can be able to enter. The student is required to be above the age of 18 to participate.

Team Composition

The groups can be comprised of a maximum of four (4) people. This must be balanced in terms of gender.

Datathon Challenges

The broad categories for the datathon are:

– Application development to interactively explore the data.
– Research data management related application.
– Data Visualisation.
– Statistics for Insights.
– Data fusion to perform correlations.
– Machine learning.
– Deep learning.

The information about the actual challenges will be updated in due course.

Datathon Rules

– The project can be based on one or more of these broad categories but is not limited to them.
– Students are required to use atleast two (2) datasets. We will provide one dataset that all the students must use. They can then use any other external dataset(s) if they require.
– Only open data should be used.
– You cannot use any already existing code that was written before the datathon.
– We do not restrict you in terms of programing languages, frameworks, libraries or API’s. You are welcome to use any that you are comfortable and familiar with.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the following categories:

– Quality of the development – Following adequate software development practices.
– Creativity of the solution.
– Applicability to the datathon objectives.

If you do not met any of our requirements, you will be disqualified.