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What is a Data Management Plan?

A Data management plan is a formal document that describes what you will do before your research, during your research and after your research. DIRISA has already deployed its own implementation of the DCC DMPonline. This tool can be accessed on www.dmp.dirisa.ac.za. Any queries/comments about the tool can be forwarded to ashozi(at)csir.co.za

Why do researchers need to complete a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

– Meet funding body grant requirements, e.g. NSF, NIH;

– Meet publisher requirements

– It helps you ensure your research data are accurate, complete, reliable, and secure both during and after you complete your research.

– It allows you to critically review your project and develop a suitable plan of action to overcome any issues.

– DMPs outline the practices for collecting, organising, backing up, and storing the data that will be generated

What to remember about DMPs?

– Every project is unique so there is no one data management plan that fits all projects

– DMPs are live documents. They must be continuously maintained and kept up-to-date throughout the course of your research.

What is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)? 

A Digital Object Identifies (DOI) is a persistent identifier that is used to identify objects. These are mainly used for electronic documents such as journal papers. However there have recently been persistent identifiers for services and also for individuals.

A DOI for use at DIRISA is currently being developed and will be available soon.

What is a Data Deposit Tool?

The Data Deposit Tool will be used by DIRISA users to deposit their data into the DIRISA storage. This tool is currently being developed and will be available soon.